Ana Duque & Daniel Simms are more than realtors; they’re Dreamsizers.

Ana_Daniel_Cropped_for_home_Montreal offers near-endless horizons for everyone from first-time buyers to empty-nesters looking for a new lease on life. A new home is a new dream realized.

Ana Duque and Daniel Simms recognize this important fact. They provide invaluable guidance not only from a combined lifetime of real estate knowhow but also, and most importantly, through recognizing each client’s individual desires and objectives.

They call it DREAMSIZING, the art of realizing life goals through property investment. You may be considering a larger home for a new family member, or looking to shed some empty space to make room for travel. Results lie in so much more than simply signing that dotted line. Buying or selling your condo or house is an important milestone and with every new milestone comes a total lifestyle transformation.

Ana and Daniel’s shared background combines successful realtor experience with a strong aptitude for architecture, fine arts and design. Their firm grasp and earnest love of Montreal contributes to a high visualization power. They see behind the everyday veneer and tap into the potential of a property or area that may not be so apparent at first glance. It’s these qualities that ensure your sought-after condo or house is equipped for your new beginning.

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