Having Trouble Selling?

Even with a familiarity of the market, going at it alone can be an extremely daunting process. When selling your home, there are so many variables to juggle that it’s often hard to know where to begin (let alone where to turn when you’re stuck in real estate limbo). The longer your property languishes on the market, the harder it is to get that selling price you want. Having a winning strategy is essential.

If your home is already for sale and you’re unsure of the next step, The Duque Simms Team can help. Ana and Daniel offer consulting services with expertise drawn from a variety of fields. They’ll help assess your property and set you on the right path toward the transaction you’re looking for. Here are a few examples of how they can help.

Price Relation to Market Conditions

Price needs to be based on concrete sales of comparable properties of the last few months. Simply going on what your neighbour sold for isn’t an adequate assessment. Multiple sales need to be analyzed in order to determine a competitive price and drive significant interest to the property. Ana and Daniel will prepare a thorough comparative market analysis and explain it in detail. You’ll have a clear picture of where your property stands.

Your Property’s Full Potential

Oftentimes, properties enter the market with so much untapped value. Presentation goes a long way and knowing how to highlight your home’s many assets can make the difference between a quick transaction and a lingering sale that drives price down. Ana and Daniel share backgrounds in architecture, design and renovations, making them great allies on the presentation front. They also have an extended network of qualified professionals who can address any urgent matters at very competitive rates.

Be Seen

Proper online exposure is essential in getting your property noticed. More than any other media, the web is where prospective buyers get acquainted with your listing. Here, first impressions are key. Ana and Daniel invest in web visibility through professional photo shoots, virtual tours and an expert familiarity with all the right platforms and channels. The Duque Simms team is also a veteran in print media strategy and a slew of out-of-box visibility solutions.

New Trends and Market Shifts

As we all know, the real estate market is a volatile one that can change drastically at the drop of a dime. You need to work with professionals who can not only forecast these shifting trends but also react and readapt to them in a swift manner. Ana and Daniel’s expertise and market foresight contribute to peace of mind and a smooth selling process.

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