By Ana Duque
Duque | Simms Team
  • “Aegean Teal” is the forecasted colour of the year

BEHR’s trend palette tells us which colours will be in trend in the new year. For 2021, it is the blue-green “Aegean Teal”. According Benjamin Moore “it is a color that creates a natural harmony and invites us to reflect and question ourselves”; it allows for a soothing, relaxing atmosphere, which is a very good choice for most of us working from home. 

Here is an example of one of our visionary clients who adopted this trend in her magnificent renovation in Westmount long before it became trendy.

Cuisine tendance Westmount 2020 2021


  • Velvet

We have known about velvet for a long time. But in 2021, it will be in every home: blue, mustard, bottle green and other colors inspired by jewels. Having a velvet sofa adds texture and a “cocoon” effect with a regal touch. Are you afraid to adopt this trend with a large investment like a sofa or a headboard? You can also integrate it with a lampshade, pillows, an ottoman or velvet throws.

Canapé en velour vert tendance

Photo credit : House Beautiful (West Elm)


  • Patterned wall panels

In traditional decoration, a choice of colour is made for the walls and then the room layout follows naturally. But this year, all decoration magazines will display textures created by patterned panels that bring an original decorative element and give an undeniable character to the room.

Mur texturé blanc, bureau tendance, télétravail

Photo credit : Decor Pad


  • Raw “industrial style” accents

The industrial style is defined by a combination of raw materials such as wood, metal, concrete and stone. A few years ago, these materials were reserved for industrial lofts. This style is now appropriate for any type of property. The living room is perfect to adopt it to complete a modern and vintage touch in this room.

salon industriel tendance 2020 2021

Photo credit : Our client Alexis Véronneau achieved this style naturally and successfully in his stunning properties in Downtown Montreal.


  • Line-art graphic

This trend will remain very much in evidence for the year 2021, whether framed on the walls or on printed ceramics, freehand line-art drawings make us think of Picasso or Miro’s work. This style allows one to dress a wall or add texture while remaining elegant.

Anne Gandal, the sister of our dear Marie, is a brilliant illustrator in France. Click here to view and perhaps order one of her prints 😉 

cadre line art, dessin à main levé

Photo credit : opposite wall website 


  • Plants

Plants provide lively textures and add a cozy touch that immediately embellishes a space and makes it feel complete. Some plants are made for particular rooms. If you  don’t have a green thumb, choose plants that are easy to care for. Plants are welcome anywhere in your house: the entrance hall, living room, bedrooms and even in your bathrooms. In your kitchen; aromatic plants are often pretty and also useful to prepare your meals. 

Here’s a link to a local plant seller

Cuisine avec des plantes

Photo credit : Studio McGee


  • Natural materials

Organic materials such as linen, rattan, cane, wicker bring warmth and rustic charm to a property. All these materials bring a bohemian, country and rustic aspect. This trend lends itself very well to integrating warmth and character into an urban condo.

Salle à manger avec des matières naturelles

Photo credit: Studio McGee


So? Will you be adopting some of these trends? Have you already embraced them like Karine and Alexis? Let us know in the comments below!

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