Thinking of upsizing?

Home is where the heart is, but as your family grows and your needs change you might start craving a little extra space. Particularly now in the context of COVID-19 where a lot of us find ourselves working from home and more and more children being sent home for distance learning again.

While you might love your current property, it may no longer suit your needs. It might be time to consider a house with a couple extra rooms, a garage, a yard or a finished basement to accommodate your growing family and your new lifestyle. 

Here are 8 telltale signs that your home might no longer meet your needs:

1.     Bursting at the seams

One thing nobody told me about having kids was all the stuff that comes with them! Sports equipment and clothes for every season, art supplies, toys, books, meaningful recycling (you know, that empty toilet paper roll that your child just can't part with) etc, etc. We are pretty down to earth and reasonable when it comes to what we buy our kids and we purge and give away items regularly, but the stuff just keeps piling up and it becomes near impossible to find room for all of it. You may also own or suddenly come about valuable heirloom pieces. More furniture = less room; you know where I'm going with this.

2.     Considering giving up the master bedroom?

The first few years, they don't mind and may even enjoy sharing a room, but as kids grow older or as a new one comes along, it becomes clear the only way there will be peace in the household is when everyone gets their own space. A house with one or more extra bedrooms or a finished basement for an additional family room might be a better solution than moving the master bedroom to the living room!

3.     Is that soup crust on your report?

Another sign you have outgrown your home is when your work files coat every surface of your dining table or kitchen counter. Time to consider a house with a dedicated space to do and store your work (and protect it from rogue perishable items). 

4.     Host much?

If you are dying to show off your cooking skills but dread squeezing one more human being around your kitchen table, you might consider upsizing to a home that offers more space to entertain. As your children grow older you will value being able to have their friends over so you can get to know them and know what they're up to and creating great memories from holidays spent all together.

5.     The great outdoors

Pets and children require exercise and entertainment. And sometimes parents need a break from their constant company. A fenced yard could be more than a dream item; it could be a necessity.

6.     A new or rekindled passion

One thing I love about Montreal is how almost everyone I know has a side project beyond their professional careers. This seems to be a common thread amongst our clients. Here are some examples of passions we have had to find rooms for in recent months (you know who you are). Woodworking, sewing, baking, cooking, painting, sculpting, working out, meditating, yoga, beer-making, reiki, plants, music making, wine, pets, mechanics and much more! A home that offers a dedicated space for the thing that makes your heart sing will just bring so much harmony to your life.

7.     It's not me, it's you

Sometimes it's not the house but the neighbourhood that you have outgrown. It might be the lack of street parking for guests or yourself, it might be the lack of access to shops and services, it might be a hellish commute or maybe you wish you had more in common with your neighbours or nothing to do with them... either way it may be clear that you are ready to move on to other pastures.

8.     The circle of life

Another reason for needing more space would be an aging family member joining the household. A few important considerations when looking into a new home for this reason would be: accessibility, privacy, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

So, you have determined you've outgrown your home, now what?

The best time to make a move is when you feel your current home is no longer responding to your needs. So take action now. Don't wait until you are desperate or until market conditions change making it impossible for you to access a larger property in your targeted areas. 

Speak with a trusted, qualified realtor to determine your current home's value and talk about a realistic sale strategy. They will help you get in touch with a reputable financing expert to determine the price range of your next purchase and will also find the best deals in the best neighbourhoods for your needs. 

We can help! Contact us to discuss the process of upsizing and start making your real estate dreams come true. Our expertise on the matters of architecture and renovations, the local market, and the city of Montreal will be of great value to you. We love helping families through this transition period, getting the most for your current home and finding together the perfect one for you. 

By Ana Duque