Hello again! Welcome to DuqueSimms.com 2.0!

It's been over 10 years since I graduated form real estate school with honours, and here we are, over 500 transactions later and now a thriving, growing team.

My passion for Real Estate is not surprising considering that I was raised by a Civil Engineer who was a founding partner in a large construction and Real Estate development company.

After completing my bachelor's degree in Architecture in the late 1990s and gaining some experience with a few firms in Montreal, I discovered that I was more passionate about the marketing of the projects our developer clients required than the technical work available to young graduates in the field at the time.

Parallel to this, along with Daniel, we started venturing into renovation projects for ourselves. Once we were done with a project, we ached to start a new one, this is how we ended up moving 8 times in 6 years until we found our beloved 1875 townhouse in Montreal thirteen years ago.

Our passion for understanding houses and how they work, to help others see their potential and to decode the market was undeniable. And sharing that knowledge is what pushed me to pursue this career.

When our youngest daughter was born, 8 years ago, it was Daniel's turn to graduate from Real Estate school, not only with honours, but top of the class, earning the scholarship for the best overall performance in the course (did I mention he's an overachiever?) His move was not surprising either as both his grand-father and father had successful careers in Real Estate, and Daniel also trained as a carpenter to manage our renovation ventures.

So, after all these years giving it all for the passion of helping others achieve life goals through successful real estate transactions, here we are, launching our second website, growing and expanding our horizons.

We look forward to seeing you in this space and out in the communities where we live, work and play every day.



Your Dream, Our Drive.

By Ana Duque