How your home is presented to qualified and motivated buyers can make all the difference. But people often think staging is a daunting and expensive process. In our experience, it doesn’t have to be. Small interventions can go a long way, depending, of course, on the condition your property is in. Before investing in accessories,

2021, august 31

What a hot market means for buyers and sellers As we’ve mentioned here before and as you’ve heard it on the news and social media, a big driver of the crazy real estate market we are in is the lack of inventory.  But some of you may be wondering how this could affect you… If you

2021, april 05

Duque | Simms Team

Home decor trends for 2021

“Aegean Teal” is the forecasted colour of the year BEHR’s trend palette tells us which colours will be in trend in the new year. For 2021, it is the blue-green “Aegean Teal”. According Benjamin Moore “it is a color that creates a natural harmony and invites us to reflect and question ourselves”; it allows for

2020, november 25

  As the old adage says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! To make sure you stay comfortable this winter and to avoid unpleasant surprises, we have prepared a checklist of must-dos before winter sets in for the next few months.    Indoors Doors and windows The openings in your home

2020, october 28

Dear clients, friends and colleagues, We truly hope you and your families are well and safe.  In light of the latest instructions from the provincial government, the OACIQ has instructed Real Estate Brokers to halt all in-person interactions until April 13th. This means there will be no visits, no face-to-face meetings, no photography and or

2020, march 29