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About Ana Duque & Daniel Simms: more than realtors, they’re Dreamsizers.

Ana Duque and Daniel Simms are dream weavers with varied backgrounds that extend far beyond the real estate market. They are committed to delivering peace of mind by helping you realize your life projects.

Wilfred “Sam” Simms, Daniel’s grandfather, circa 1960.

About Ana Duque
Before personally brokering numerous successful property transactions, Ana began as an architect. During this time, she collaborated with some of Montreal’s most renowned real estate developers. She quickly took interest in the industry’s marketing side and before long was contributing to the sales of some of the island’s biggest residential projects. Her background tasked her with bringing out the full potential in a spectrum of condos and houses, a trait carried over to her current real estate endeavours and one that has cemented her proven track record. Over the years, Ana has built a strong network of professionals including financing resources, building inspectors, architects, designers, contractors and real estate law specialists. Her 360º service is further buttressed by an instinctive sense of the market. She swiftly recognizes its shifts and adapts, a key success factor in the negotiation process.


About Daniel Simms
Daniel comes from a family involved in Montreal real estate for three generations. He holds a Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University and saw much success in his years running a post-production company that dealt with several major distributors. Borrowing from his cinematic background, his eye for detail and design is also drawn from his formal training in carpentry. It’s a skill that offers profound knowledge of the many elements that make up a home. Eventually yielding to his true calling, Daniel is now well known throughout Montreal for his accessible, transparent and no-nonsense approach as well as his keen property evaluation and estimation prowess. His skillset is much appreciated by clients on both sides of a transaction and fellow real estate brokers alike.

Ana and Daniel offer services in English, French and Spanish. When they are not helping their clients realize their dreams, you can find them visiting their favourite food, coffee and music spots in the city or enjoying the Eastern Townships countryside with their family.