About Selling a Property

When entering your home into the market, the advantages of working with a broker can be invaluable. There are so many things to consider and drawing your resources from a team that knows the market offers added security and helps you avoid costly mistakes. Be it a childhood home entering the market after generations, or a condo put to sale because of a growing family, The Duque Simms Team’s vast knowledge of real estate, architecture and design will get you that winning transaction.

Ana and Daniel never leave clients unaccompanied. They are present at every single showing because they know how important it is to promote a property’s unique advantages. They address buyer questions and concerns in a timely and knowledgeable manner, before queries turn into second thoughts.

Constantly up to date with the market, they know the climate well and establish the right price by analysing recent sales of comparable properties. They invest in different forms of marketing. The properties they represent have optimal visibility through a strong online presence and other various avenues, including strategic print ads and a network of buyers and investors.

Benefits of working with Ana and Daniel:

  • Spectrum of experience helps attain your property’s full potential and assess risks thoroughly
  • Numerous successful real estate transactions in different neighbourhoods throughout the city
  • A solid network of qualified professionals in all fields: inspectors, contractors, masons, engineers, architects, designers, plumbers, electricians, notaries, real estate lawyers, movers, roofers, foundation specialists and more…

For more information about selling a property, contact the Duque Simms Team today. To set up a meeting for a complimentary evaluation, please fill out this form.

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