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When buying a home, there are many advantages to working with a single team as opposed to a barrage of brokers from individual listings. A single broker team helps you cut through much of the noise. It coordinates all visits for you, offers a streamlined source of information, promotes fair price negotiations and handles all the paperwork. A single team offers protection, guidance and a range of important resources. What’s more, in almost all cases brokers are paid by the seller, making all these services generally free for those looking to buy.

Long-time experts in the Montreal real estate market, the Duque Simms Team has notable experience in design, architecture and renovations. Their broad expertise and deft knowledge of Montreal provide powerful strategic solutions and help you achieve your highest possible return on investment.

Benefits of working with Ana and Daniel:

  • Spectrum of experience helps attain your property’s full potential and assess risks thoroughly
  • Numerous successful real estate transactions in different neighbourhoods throughout the city
  • A solid network of qualified professionals in all fields: inspectors, contractors, masons, engineers, architects, designers, plumbers, electricians, notaries, real estate lawyers, movers, roofers, foundation specialists and more…

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